Hello there,

For a while now, I wanted to be a better developer. And after countless books, tutorials, and articles, you get overwhelmed [or maybe thats just me] and you start thinking damn this is one hell of a long ride in witch I don't think I can keep up. On another boring evening, witch turned into a turning point, I stumbled across a Quora answer. Another human had the same question I had before in regards to becoming a better developer in witch a lovely human answered by 'Just start developing'. His response wasn't the key, but the example he had, witch was Jennifer Dewalt's 180 website project. It was inspiring seeing her progress, and how she taught her self to code. It made me want to start my own journey. So here I am aiming to develop 180 websites in 180 days [hopefully] So welcome to my journey!

You can follow my musings through tring to develope in my blog.